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10/30mg Ozone Injection Unit

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Use of the FUSION-OZ10

The product is suitable for the filtration of extracted fumes from commercial kitchens. The product should always be used in combination with pre-filters that are suitable for kitchen extract

4 GENERAL DESCRIPTION This FUSION-OZ10 can remove, at high efficiency, odorous compounds. The FUSION-OZ10 is designed to be installed in the extraction ducting of a commercial kitchen downstream of the extraction hood and upstream of the fan


It is recommended that the unit is commissioned by FusionAir to ensure that the unit is installed correctly and safely. The following are very important safety points that must be adhered.

• The unit must be installed on the suction side (negative pressure) of the fan

The unit will automatically activate the ozone once the negative pressure builds up in the ductwork

• The FUSION-OZ10 will produce ozone which is a poisonous gas with a distinctive smell. The kitchen extract system into which the FUSION-OZ10 system is installed must be sound with no holes that will allow ozone to escape. If ozone is smelt within the premises the UV-O must be switched off immediately.

• Care must be taken that the kitchen extract point is not close to air inlets, windows etc. where elevated ozone levels will cause a problem.

• Rigid galvanized ducting should be used to connect the FUSION-OZ10 unit.

The following points should also be considered.

Ozone (O3) and the oxygen (O2) are the allotopes.

At room temperature, the ozone is in a gaseous state, colorless, with a grass smell

easily soluble in water. An immediate oxidation reaction occurs when it confronts the hazardous chemicals and bacteria,

effectively sterilizing by decomposition of harmful gases and neutralizing the odour.

The ozone is extremely unstable, coming from O2 and will revert to O2

in a few hours. Therefore, O3 sterilization is free from contamination and

vestigial. It is recognized as the only direct sterilization material which can be

used on food and beverage sterilization throughout the world!

Model: XM-T Wall-mount Ozone Generator

Weight: 5.5kg

Ozone output: 5000mg/h

Gas source: AIR

Ozone concentration:15-30mg/L



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