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400mm High Pressure Woods Maxfan Compac with 3ph to 1ph inverter



Introducing the amazing NEW Flakt Woods JM Maxfan Compac the evolution of the bestselling Maxfan designed for high performance and reliability

Fan Data Sheet

The Maxfan has been improved to offer even higher pressures and fan performance using only one motor and only one impeller (the bit that goes around

The Maxfan Compac is supplied with an Inverter speed controller at no extra cost

The same Compac fan can be used where only single phase supply (240volts)is available or for the first time where Three Phase supply is available, (standard package 1Phase only, please ask for 3Phase options) both options are fully speed controllable via inverters. The use of inverters for speed control offers true energy and efficiency savings

A typical application where this fan is commonly used is in the catering industry where a high level of filtration is required, usually the result of fitting odour control via Pre and Carbon Filters*

The build quality and reliability are the highest we have ever experienced, in a range of fans that are designed to work harder than most

Every time you fit this fan you know you’ve made the right choice, and it will enhance your reputation for only using the best quality products

Supplied fully assembled

Fully speed controllable via inverter

Can be used in any non-hazardous environment

Suitable in temperatures from ‑40°C to 80°C

Low to high air volumes

Low to high static pressures

Available sizes 315mm – 630mm from stock

The Casings are spun sheet steel, then hot dipped galvanized to give a finish highly resistant to corrosion and can be mounted externally and internally

The impeller (the bit that goes around and moves the air) is manufactured die cast aluminum

The motors are totally enclosed with class F insulation with protection to IP55.

*High pressure systems can also consist of duct size restrictions, an unusual amount of ducting including a high number of bends, other forms of filtration such as Heppa Filters or Electrostatic filters. We can check the suitability of this fan for your application if required, please contact by any means you feel comfortable with and we’ll offer free advice

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