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  • Canopies should extend over the full length of cooking equipment situated below it
  • overhanging all the appliances by 250mm to the sides & 250mm to the front & should also be no less than 2000mm from the floor.
  • Fryers should not be situated next to an oven.
  • The airflow into the canopy should be constant & also meet the appropriate design flow required.
  • Air input systems are essential. When air is drawn out of the kitchen new replacement air should be drawn in. If fresh air isn’t introduced into the kitchen via a ventilation system all air extracted through the canopy will have to be made up of natural/make up filtration i.e – an open window or door etc.
  • You will only need an air input system for gas appliances in which a maximum 85% of the air needs replacing through the air input system.
  • If you are replacing more than 25% of cooking equipment within your kitchen please contact a qualified engineer for commissioning.
  • If you are buying extraction for the first time you will need an air input system & gas air interlock system as well as commissioning by a qualified gas engineer.

  • Mesh filters require regular washing & as a consequence are less reliable & can be regularly replaced.
  • Baffle filters are safer & are less of a fire risk because they are designed not to hold on to any fat or grease. Air is drawn through the filter forcing a change of direction & speed resulting in separation of grease into collection troughs.

All Fusionhot systems are fully compliant with DW/172 the industry standard for kitchen ventilation systems.

Combi Canopy:

Combi Canopy for efficient extract and integral fresh air ventilation over cental island or sidewall arrangements.

The kitchen canopy provides a hygienic, attractive stainless approach to achieving a fresh kitchen environment. A modular design for high rate extract with baffle-type grease filters, integral fresh air with energy conscious variable fan systems and low energy low temperature lighting.

Extract Canopy / Extract Hood:

Extract only kitchen canopies with “baffle” type grease filters, or condensate extract.

Condense only canopies:

Suitable for dishwasher applications with no extract ventilation.

With an Fusionhot  kitchen canopy as the first link in the design chain, enjoy the benefit of Fusionhot imaginatively designed internal, external plant, ductwork construction in matching colour coated plastisol sheet. All systems include access doors for maintenance cleaning.

Fusionhot & Kitchenclad Can install any kitchen canopy, to any size to meet your requirements; combined with a complete installation of a kitchen ventilation system.

Ventilation Gas Interlock systems to comply with BS6173 can be provided as part of the complete ventilation package.

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Bespoke Hot Cupboards 

Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Baffle Filters are used on all our Canopies.

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