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Kitchens exhaust emission reduction air purifier with electrostatic precipitator to capture 95% airborne fume & grease particles

1. Ingenious design
Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) applied, generating hyper-dense electrons to capture airborne cooking oil fume & grease particulates.
Patented cylindrical honeycomb electric fields plus optional spray-style humidifier, maximizing the filtration and purification efficiency of the emission reduction exhaust air purifier for airborne impurity particulates.
Modular design, ensuring easy assembly of our emission reduction exhaust air purifier fortotal operation and easy removal of the electrostatic precipitator and other major components for maintenance and cleaning.
2. High Price Performance Ratio
PLC controlled optional self-cleaning device, ensuring easy remote control and considerable maintenance cost savings.
PLC controlled multi-choice operational modes, secure high-voltage power supply, plus the malfunction self-diagnosis system, ensuring considerable energy savings.
Spare electrostatic fields are seldom needed for replacement, adding much more to the overall cost savings.
3. Remarkable purification efficiency
above 95%, based on 2 stages of electric field applied in our emission reduction exhaust air purifier, guaranteed.
4. Broad-spectrum applications
Our emission reduction exhaust air purifiers are ideal for large kitchens & canteens in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, shopping centers , business centers, enterprises and business organizations, etc.
5. Certification
CE, UL867, UL710 and IEC60335 accredited products performance..
ISO9001:2000 tested quality control system.
6. Extras
One year free repair and lifelong maintenance of our emission reduction exhaust air purifier guaranteed.
Low altitude emission of the processed air guaranteed.
No ozone generated during the operation of our electrostatic precipitation.

Activated Carbon Discarb Cells - Odour Control
~ Highest Carbon Loading in Airclean Range
~ Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon
~ Effective odour and gas control
~ Free Carbon Testing Service (CTC Testing)
~ Strong Galvanised Steel Cases
~ Minimised Air Leakage for Maximum Odour Control
~ Compact Design
~ Large Air Capacity


The Activated Carbon Filter can be utilised for odour reduction, or gas control.

Used in conjunction with the Airclean Kitchavent System, Air Handling Units, or other fully sealed air filter housings, Activated Carbon Cells offer effective and practical odour or gas reduction in industrial and commercial applications.

Typical applications for Airclean Activated Carbon Cells include Kitchen Extract Odour Control, Commercial Food Manufacture, Laboratory supply and extract systems, Office Air Supply, VOC control in health institutes.

Activated Carbon Discarbs offer a practical solution for controlling gases and odours in airflows from 0.1m3/s up to 10m3/s + .


Metal cased Activated Carbon Filter cells have the highest carbon loading in our range, and use either standard or Extra Duty carbon panels permanently sealed into a galvanised sheet steel casing, for a compact and simple solution to odour control.

This construction of each Carbon Discarb Cell gives a strong unit capable of removing odours from large air volumes at the required contact times for systems. (Contact us for contact time details depending on your odour)

The advantage of the Airclean Activated Carbon Filter Cell is that the carbon panels are sealed in, meaning there is no possibility of air leakage, resulting in odour leakage.

The Activated Carbon Filter Cell can be manufactured to almost any reasonable size, the limiting factors being the overall weight for handling purposes and the size of individual panels.


Max Temperature 40 C
Max Humidity 80% RH
Please Note Cell Weights
Nominal to Actual Size: less 12mm on H,W and Depth

To find out more information on Carbon Filter Selection, System Design, Adsorbtion Effectivenss Agaist Specific Gases read the below data sheet, or contact our technical sales team

Activated Carbon Panel Filters - Odour Control
~ Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon
~ Free Carbon Testing Service (CTC Testing)
~ Bonded Activated Carbon Panels
~ Galvanised Steel frames
~ Loose Fill Activated Carbon Panels now available


Activated Carbon Panel Filters are normally supplied fitted with an aluminium frame and can be made to any reasonable size to match existing panels of all makes.

The depth of the bonded carbon panel filter is restricted by our own imposed limits of not less than 10mm and not greater than 60mm Actual depth.

Capacities shown for Activated Carbon Panels & Activated Carbon Discarb Cells are based on a dwell time of 0.1 seconds, which is the normally accepted minimum for most applications.


For heavier odours i.e. Indian or Thai cooking odours, a contact time of 0.3 seconds with the carbon filter is recommended to ensure effective odour control, which will effectively reduce the Face Velocity and rating to one third.

Where hot air is being filtered (e.g. extract from cooker hoods) the activated carbon panels or discarb cells should be positioned as far from the heat source as possible, so not to comprimise effective odour removal.

Air stream temperatures in excess of 40°C should not be exceeded. If temperatures in excess of this figure are anticipated, reduce the air temperature by means of a fresh air bleed or a cooling coil.

Humidity levels must be maintained below 80%RH for air passing through the activated carbon panel. Again this can be acheived by mixing with dry air or conditioning the airstream.

Pre-filters should be fitted in the ventilation system to protect activated carbon filters, to protect the carbon filters and ensure a good life for the filter. We do not consider a glass panel to be suitable and recommend a filter having a minimum grade of F5 to EN779, such as a general purpose multi pocket filter.

Some cooking operations give off large amounts of smoke, which is extremely detrimental if allowed to reach the carbon filters( smoke is a particulate). (See HEPA Filters, or Electrostatic Precipitators for smoke control)

Grade 20 Activated Carbon Filters are rated 30% on their ability to adsorb carbon tetrachloride (CTC) in testing; and have a typical surface area per weight of between 700-800 m2/g by the BET N2 method (the area being a measure of the area of the walls of the cavern like structure of the activated carbon): Bulk density is between 0.55 - 0.59 g/cc

Grade 50 Activated Carbon Filters are rated 55% on their ability to adsorb carbon tetrachloride (CTC) in testing; have a typical surface area per weight of between 1100-1200 m2/g by the BET N2 method (the area being a measure of the area of the walls of the cavern like structure of the activated carbon): Bulk density is between 0.49 - 0.53 g/cc
Pleated Panel Air Filter - G4 to EN779:2012- Disposable Panel Air Filter
- Rigid Cardboard Frame Construction
- Food Safe Air Filter
- Extended Surface
- Large Dust Holding Capacity
- Energy Efficient
- Available in Metal Facia Capscrap or Cardboard Lattice
- Metal Framed Pleated Panel Filter available for high humidity applications.


The Pleated Panel Air Filter is a medium efficiency disposable air filter, suitable for ventilation and air conditioning systems which require a higher efficiency and greater dust holding capacity than can be achieved with glass or synthetic panels.

The G4 Pleated Panel Air Filter can be used where glass panels are undesirable, such as in the food industry and hospitals.

Typically G4 Pleated Panel Air Filters are used as pre filters on supply air systems to High Performance Bag Filters, or to protect heating or cooling coils from dust build up which leads to system in efficiency. Another common place to see G4 Pleated Panel Air Filters is to protect fans in extract systems for office blocks or kitchen extract systems.


Pleated Panel Air Filters consist of a dry non-woven fabric media which is pleated to give an extended surface area, producing a low initial resistance for the same air volume, making this an energy efficient air filter.

The pleated air filter media is contained within the air filter by a rigid all cardboard casing, or a cardboard frame with recycled perforated cap-punch retaining grids. The filter is sealed together using hot melt adhesive glues to ensure a highly rigid and quality disposable panel air filter.

The Pleated Panel Air Filter is available sealed into a galvanised steel metal frame for high humidity applications such as supply air from atomosphere where standard cardboard filters may loose their rigidity and fail.


The pleated air filter media is Flame Retardant to DIN53438
Max Operating Temp 100 Deg C
Dust Holding Capacity for 50mm Filter = 840 g/m2
Dust Holding Capacity for 100mm Filter = 1260 g/m2
Recommended Face Velocity 2.5m/s
Nominal to Actual Size: less 6mm on H & W, 3mm on Depth

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